Pay It Forward
Quick painting, “Waterfall Dances: Variation II (for M.)”
It’s my world, you’re all just living in it.
“ART SHOW DATE: TBD” I stared at my phone. “Figures” I sighed. The show was originally meant to happen on March 30th. I was excited, it was to be my professional art debut. I had spent the last few months speaking with curators and directors. It was set to be what I had hoped would be a dream come true. Unfortunately COVID-19 had other plans. Now, I didn’t have to pull myself from the art show. I could have waited. However, my job had closed. I found myself on furlough, the world changed dramatically and so by the third cancellation after a few weeks of playing it by ear it felt like a good call to step back. Now what? Originally, in order to participate in the art show I was required to sell a minimum of 25 tickets at $25 for a total of $500. I was actively in the process of crowdsourcing the funds when New York went into lockdown. I suppose I felt really worried. You know the entire world stops literally right in front of you for the first time in your life and you’re in the hub of the pandemic. Suddenly the art show seems a little less pressing. Or is it? I realized something very soon into considering pulling myself from the show. I had already raised a small amount and it had all come to me through the kindness of others. What better way to use the funds than to give back to the community. The next step made perfect sense. I’m originally from Monroe, North Carolina. I took what little I had raised and I donated it to a local community shelter back home. It wasn’t much and I wouldn’t normally make donations public. However, I had raised the funds publicly and now there’s no longer an art show. I wanted everyone to know that their kindness and support had meant so much to me. Especially, as I navigate my early adulthood. I’m so fortunate that despite COVID-19 I’ve been safe, healthy, and well. I hope that you all are doing the same. It’s not about how much you have or don’t have. It’s about people helping people. For a long time in my life I had never really been able to give back. However, I’ve slowly but surely been able to give back in small spurts and it’s been really rewarding because it’s not about me or you. It’s really about us and the people that aren’t always thought about. So many of us get left behind. It’s time we move forward together.
My Black Trans Life Matters
April 30th, 2020
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Hotter Than
- Priss
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